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How our No Surprise Billing works

How our No Surprise Billing works

Dental hygienist are strongly regulated by our governing body the CDHO who, in turn protect the publics rights to equality and fair treatment for all individuals with or without insurance.

After 12 years of hearing the same reason for avoiding their cleaning over and over from friends, family and random people "I can't afford to get my teeth cleaned". I decided to take this into account when opening my Dental Hygiene Clinic.

I know that when I see a client for their regular cleanings how much time it takes to maintain their health. On average it will take 30 - 45 min which is 2-3 units to your insurance. I also realize that when I initially meet some clients they may take much more time and, units to get them to a healthy state. However I chose to create what I call No Surprise Billing. I want to be able to help anyone and everyone achieve a healthy smile regardless if they have insurance or not and I DO NOT want it to be unaffordable to anyone either!

In no way do I "rush" an appointment to only bill you 2 units (30 min), I just choose to only bill you 2 units even if you are treated for over an hour or more. I'm here to help you love your smile and, achieve a healthy smile. I also will not be billing you a New Patient exam just a standard recare. Again all clients will receive a new patient exam which again complies with all regulatory bodies as well will help to inform you of what is happening inside your mouth.

All Registered Dental Hygienist are completely qualified and trained to complete this exam. In addition a complete and thorough periodontal assessment is completed at all appointments to measure, record and track your bone levels and gingival (gum) health. During the exam you are also given an Oral Cancer Screening again which all Registered Dental Hygienist do every time we see you. This is all again included in our No Surprise Billing.

Please feel free to stop in and ask any questions you have regarding our clinic treatment or your oral health, my knowledge is free to give and I offer it openly to all.

Melissa Miller RDH

Our Second Blog Entry

Healthy Snacking

Between-meal snacking may contribute to tooth decay. 

Choosing nutritious snacks that are low in sugar and do not promote tooth decay helps in the fight against cavities. 

Foods such as apples and raw carrots, and hard cheese have a natural cleansing action on teeth, making good snack food choices.

As you plan snacks, think of them as a “mini meal” that includes two of the four food groups. 

Our First Blog Entry

I believe children should choose the pace of their appointment. I never want to be the reason a child feels nervous or afraid to come to the dental clinic.

If we only go for a ride in the chair the first couple times that is GREAT! Eventually we will become friends and the child will let us take a peak and maybe even make their teeth shine when they are ready we will be ready but we will not force our schedule onto them. 

Feel free to call and ask us about a free ride!

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